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CT on the frills

The CT Lolita Community

Connecticut on the Frills
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All Members , Moderated
This community is for the lolitas, dandies, oujis, and aristocrats of Connecticut and surrounding areas. If you are a resident of Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New York, or any other New England state, please feel free to join!!

For those coming over from ctlolita and are confused, please understand that the Moderator of ctlolita dissapeared, and in the interest of having a working, up to date community, the members decided to create ctonthefrills

Check out the community photobucket! Feel free to add any pictures from meetups too!

Like any community, we have
Please read before posting!

1. Only one image may be posted outside of an LJ-cut, and it must not exceed 600 x 600 pixels in size. You may post images of any size inside the LJ-cut as long as they fit within the community's topic.

2. Please stay on topic! All posts must be related to lolita fashion or its common interests!

4. Sales, trades and WTBs are permitted. Sellers must be within CT or neighbouring states and the post must be under a cut.

5. Community advertisement is permitted only by request. Please email CTonthefrills@gmail.com for permission.

6. Introduction posts ARE allowed here! As long as you have a photo of yourself (Does not have to be in lolita, we just want to see your pretty face) and obey all the other posted rules. Please feel free to tell us about yourself!

7. Discussion is encouraged! Have a question? Have an opinion? Want to mention something silly? Post away! As long as it's lolita-related it can be posted!

8. Most importantly play nice and have fun

Users may be warned or banned for frequently breaking any of these rules.

Additionally, we reserve the right to delete or reject any post we deem inappropriate, even should it not be specifically addressed in the rules. Please feel free to PM the admin or email CTonthefrills@gmail.com should you have any questions.

Administrator: silver_youko

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