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Daffodil Meet Cancelled!

I was holding out to the last moment for any more possible attendees, but unfortunately due to lack of interest the Daffodil Meetup is cancelled. I'm very sorry, unfortunately it'd be a lot of coordinating and driving and commute for a very small meet up. This is a busy time of year for students, perhaps the next meet will be better attended & we'll see you all at the next one!

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Hi guys! Here's the motherload of pics from the Chocopologie meet-up. I'm going to post to egl pretty much exactly as is seen here, so if there's any pictures you'd like added or removed let me know! Also, I wasn't sure about credit for everyone, but I used the alt-captions (hover over the image to see) to tag people &credit. I wasn't sure about some, so if I've miscredited please let me know!

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April Carousel Meet Feeler

I guess we must have liked the last one because it seems like meetup central on here *w* Seeing as March seems to be suitably booked, I wanted to propose an April meet at the Opening Day of Bushnell Park? It features an antique carousel (circa 1914 - and you can view some of their pretty ponies here) with $1 rides all season. It would be a very pretty backdrop for a circus/carnival/carousel themed meet, with the potential for a picnic. There's also a lovely fountain.

Opening Day is when the carousel reopens for the spring season, and there's arts and crafts, people making balloon animals, music, magic show, mimes, etc.

Last year's date was April 26th. I have yet to locate a date for this year's Opening Day, but if there is interest I will get on the horn to the necessary people.

Bushnell Park is located in Hartford.

Note that this would be in place of the Daffodil Festival of Meriden; if you'd prefer that instead then please leave a note stating such.

Thanks all!

I just wanted to say what a GREAT meet-up we had yesterday and thank everyone for such a great time. You're all awesome! You CT girls know how to throw a meet-up, its well worth the drive!

Tea Party

Hello Lolis!

My friend and I wanted to host a tea party in the spring at WestConn in Danbury, from what I hear there is a large row of Sakura trees at the entrance and I think having them in bloom would be a perfect setting for a tea party and perhaps some pictures?

Themes? I'll probably be in Wa-loli or Qi-loli but any other suggestions? I know it's a long way off but I still think it would be fun.



Hello! I'm going to school in Danbury and wanted to know if there were any lolita close by...I've actually never met another one..I live in upstate NY and before that went to school even farther with the cows and sheep and yeah

Meriden meet-up:

(posting on behalf of palantiriell)

Hey guys, not sure how the weather is where you are, but it's snowing here &the weather report says it'll be snowing all day in Meriden.

We're unfortunately going to have to cancel the Princess and the Frog meetup due to weather :( We're really not happy about it, but it's much more important that people are safe than frilly.

We do have a bunch of meet-ups planned for the next few months, so very sorry about having to cancel but we hope to see you another one soon!

Was it you?

Lolita siting in the Waterford CT Crystal Mall sometime last night in Hot Topic. I sadly wasn't there but my mom said there was a girl wearing a pink dress and bloomers. I'm just curious.


Finally uploaded pics from Connecticon's Lolita Show!!!

ok i finally uploaded some pics from the Lolita Fashion Show that was held at Connecticon I took a lot of pics this year! sadly LJ won't let me upload the collage i made of it (there are also lots of individual pics if your looking for the collage look under my projects)you can see all the wonderful pics of all the amazing lolita's who i got to photograph at my myspace at

Hello My Sweets!

Hello Everyone!! making an introduction here, my name is Carol and i've been a fan of EGL and lolita fashion in general for almost 8 years now i believe, but only started wearing this delightful fashion two years ago. It delights me so to see so many fans in CT, i've always kind of felt like the only one hahaa. I only wear one dress but i'm hoping to save up some money and buy a really nice authentic one (the one i have is from a user on ebay, only like 50 bucks haha). Since i love that dress to pieces its also starting to see its age :( You can see me in the dress after the cut :) Ummm I'm horrible at these introductions things but yea, I'm hoping to get to know everyone very well, and I guess I'll leave with a question! What is everyones favorite brand? I'm thinking Baby the Stars Shine Bright for me :) and sorry for any inaccuracies with this post... still new to livejournal! Collapse )