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Visiting CT

Hi all!

I'm visiting CT; Winsted to be precise, over the Christmas period and wondered if anyone had any plans I can smoosh in on... It'd be fabaroo to meet some US lolitas!

Between 'the big day' and new years would be best if possible.

From the UK, doesn't know the Queen.


Hosting a small gift swap, care to join :D?

XD Oh gosh it's me again! Just a heads up about all the totally awesome amazing fun going on in the Facebook group. We are hosting a small gift swap with our local Lolitas, this is a through the mail gift swap, no meetup required, so everyone in the local area is able to join. Details are on the Facebook group, but if you don't have a FB account, and refuse to get one (XD I know some people hate Facebook!), you can still join.

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CT on the Frills Facebook

A couple hours or so ago sophisteacated  made a CT on the Frills Facebook group. So, if you're a CT Lolita, or even an adjacent state Lolita, go on and join it! 

We were also talking about ways we can make this community a little more active, since it's been 8 months since our last big state-wide meetup! I understand that everyone's been busy, and we're all spread out quite a bit, but it would still be nice if our online community was a little bit more active. So does anyone have any ideas about what they would like to see going on? Discussions? Contests? Games? Monthly themes? A card/craft swap? More actual meetups?

If anyone has some ideas feel free to share them. It would be good to hear them and try to revive our near-dead community a bit XD

Sunday, October 17, 2010 Tea in New Haven, Connecticut

Sunday, October 17, 2010 1-5 PM @ St. Thomas Episcopal Church ~ 830 Whitney Avenue ~ New Haven, Connecticut
Enjoy a delightful afternoon of strolling in the Park (weather permitting) then Regency-era games accompanied by scrumptious refreshments and tea.
$10 in advance, $12 at the door.

This is a Regency event, part of weekends worth of event in New Haven, but period costume is not required: "Period daywear or respectable modern dress is suitable for Sunday". I wear my Lolita bonnet, capelette, etc. as part of my outfit for Sunday.

More details on the event  and schedule
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Hey! I'm new to this community. I'm not necessarily a lolita, but out of curiosity i was wondering what people's reactions were to you wearing lolita in CT?

I found this adooooooorable dress on bodyline (i posted about it on egl if any of you are on there) and i really want it, but i'm unsure on how it will be... taken in CT!




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Ren. Faire meet-up

Just making sure everyone is still interested in this for this weekend. It seemed more convenient for everyone if the meet-up is on sunday, I hope I am correct in this assumption. I think it might rain tomorrow anyway. So this faire is smallish but is a very nice location so I think it will be good for pictures and stuff. Info and directions again can be found on this site http://www.thescrf.com

Geddy lee

Renaissance Faire Meet-up

I'm proposing a second Attempt at a Renaissance faire meet-up. There are two faires coming up. One at Guilford fairgrounds it runs for three weekends (May 8-9, 15-16, and 22-23) There is also a faire In Danbury also running for three weekends (May 29-30, June 5-6, and 12-13) I know that we've had some difficulties with getting a meet-up together lately, So I figure this might be good being there is plenty of dates and two different locations to chose from. The web sites for the first faire is http://www.ctfaire.com and for the second faire http://www.thescrf.com
Also Kate of the LoliGirls documentary is interested in filming.

So suggest dates that are best or a faire that you think is more interesting.
~Angelina ^_^