Lump Lingered (milkteamilk) wrote in ctonthefrills,
Lump Lingered

Hosting a small gift swap, care to join :D?

XD Oh gosh it's me again! Just a heads up about all the totally awesome amazing fun going on in the Facebook group. We are hosting a small gift swap with our local Lolitas, this is a through the mail gift swap, no meetup required, so everyone in the local area is able to join. Details are on the Facebook group, but if you don't have a FB account, and refuse to get one (XD I know some people hate Facebook!), you can still join.

This swap will be pretty much themeless and more or less anything goes, so long as you put a little bit of effort into it, that is, don't just send a generic card picked up from the gas station XD You can swap either a small store bought gift or something small that you made. If you need a price range, I think between $5 and $10 dollars sounds good.

--How to sign up--
*Comment here, just so we all get a good idea about how many people are.
*Send me an email at with the following info: A link to your EGL feedback, your real name, your address, and a brief run down of your own personal style. Example: favorite colors, preferred style, something you would never wear (maybe you hate brown or you don't have your ears pierced so you can't wear earrings). Please let me know if you are close friends with any of our locals too! It wouldn't be very fun if I accidently pair you up with your roomate XD
After the deadline I will go through the emails and pair people up. I'll try to pair people up with people they don't know or who have similar styles to make things a little easier.

There is no real deadline to ship out your small gift by, but try to get it out within the month of November!

--What will happen if someone flakes out or decides they just can't do it?--
*First of all, if you feel like there is a good chance you won't be able hold up your end of the swap, please don't join, because then you would be getting somehting and your partner would be out in the cold, and that's not really fun for anyone.
*If something goes wrong (emergencies happen!) and you absolutely can't hold up your end of the swap PLEASE let me know as soon as possible so that we can find someone to take your place.
*If you maliciously flake out and dissappear forever after recieving a gift and don't send anything in return you will have negative feedback posted. Also, you'll be scewing someone over in your own community and that sucks and honestly is not worth it for what is intended to be a small token "getting to know you" gift. But again, if something does come up and you simple can't send out your gift, don't be too embarrassed or shy to let me know!

I hope this doesn't seem really long any confusing, but I just wanted to cover all the bases! If you have any questions feel free to ask!
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