October 23rd, 2010

yay pretty

CT on the Frills Facebook

A couple hours or so ago sophisteacated  made a CT on the Frills Facebook group. So, if you're a CT Lolita, or even an adjacent state Lolita, go on and join it! 

We were also talking about ways we can make this community a little more active, since it's been 8 months since our last big state-wide meetup! I understand that everyone's been busy, and we're all spread out quite a bit, but it would still be nice if our online community was a little bit more active. So does anyone have any ideas about what they would like to see going on? Discussions? Contests? Games? Monthly themes? A card/craft swap? More actual meetups?

If anyone has some ideas feel free to share them. It would be good to hear them and try to revive our near-dead community a bit XD

Hosting a small gift swap, care to join :D?

XD Oh gosh it's me again! Just a heads up about all the totally awesome amazing fun going on in the Facebook group. We are hosting a small gift swap with our local Lolitas, this is a through the mail gift swap, no meetup required, so everyone in the local area is able to join. Details are on the Facebook group, but if you don't have a FB account, and refuse to get one (XD I know some people hate Facebook!), you can still join.

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