February 27th, 2010

cirque de soleil

April Carousel Meet Feeler

I guess we must have liked the last one because it seems like meetup central on here *w* Seeing as March seems to be suitably booked, I wanted to propose an April meet at the Opening Day of Bushnell Park? It features an antique carousel (circa 1914 - and you can view some of their pretty ponies here) with $1 rides all season. It would be a very pretty backdrop for a circus/carnival/carousel themed meet, with the potential for a picnic. There's also a lovely fountain.

Opening Day is when the carousel reopens for the spring season, and there's arts and crafts, people making balloon animals, music, magic show, mimes, etc.

Last year's date was April 26th. I have yet to locate a date for this year's Opening Day, but if there is interest I will get on the horn to the necessary people.

Bushnell Park is located in Hartford.

Note that this would be in place of the Daffodil Festival of Meriden; if you'd prefer that instead then please leave a note stating such.